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21×28 cmCelebrate Cinco de Mayo in Mexico. March along the Champs-ÉlysÉes on Bastille Day and visit Israel during Hanukkah. Pack some crayons in your travel bags as you go around the globe to celebrate 30 major holidays.

Table of Contents for Holidays Around the World
Alp Feast (Switzerland)
Bastille Day (France)
Boxing Day (United Kingdom)
Buddha’s Birthday (Thailand/Indonesia/Singapore)
Carnaval (Brazil)
Carnaval de Binché (Belgium)
Carnevale of Venice (Italy)
Christmas (International)
Christmas (International)
Cinco de Mayo (Mexico)
Crop-Over (Barbados)
Dance Festival (Czechoslovakia)
Doll Festival (Japan)
Easter (Russia and Ukraine)
Eid-ul-Fitr (Saudi Arabia)
Hanukkah (Israel)
Harvest Festival (Philippines)
Hogmanay (Scotland)
Holi-Festival of Colors (India)
Kite Festival (China)
Kwanzaa (United States)
May Day (Europe)
May Day and Spring Festivals (Thailand/England/Hawaii/France)
Octoberfest (Germany)
Saint Patrick’s Day (Ireland)
Song Festival (Latvia)
Tet Festival (Vietnam)
Thanksgiving (United States)
Tulip Festival (Netherlands)
Victoria Day (Canada)