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Advice concerning 59 mm  magnets.

The new May 2022 and later  59 mm  magnets are a little bit different than usual. This is why you need to give your badge maker type 900 (1600 or 1400) a little upgrade before you can start. If you have a Fleksi button machine you don't need to do this.

This is what you have to do before using the magnets:
In every pack of new magnets, there is a little fabric cylinder included. You need to take this little cylinder and put it unto the hole which is in the bottom of the upper stamp of your badge maker. Therefore lay your badge maker onto the table. Pull the fabric cylinder from the foil and put it into the hole with the glued side first. Put is as far as possible so that it is totally disappearing. Use a pen for example to push it into the hole. If it is little bit overlapping, this is no problem . Ready

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