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Tekijä: Jan Sovak

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Värityskirja Ennen dinosauruksia.

Värityskirja Ennen dinosauruksia.

Although dinosaurs are among the most famous prehistoric animals, there were many other creatures that predated them, among them reptiles that lived in the Permian, Carboniferous, and Triassic periods. This unique coloring book contains well-researched, dramatically rendered illustrations of these formidable creatures, many of which were ancestors of modern mammals. Included are Nothosaur, a slender, 10-foot-long animal that hunted fish in the sea and rested on land (as seals do today); Edaphosaurus, a large herbivorous reptile with a great sail on its back; Titanosuchus, a carnivorous 8-foot monster with razor-sharp, meat-shearing teeth; Oligokyphus, a mammal-like reptile that resembled a modern weasel; and 41 others.All are portrayed in realistic habitats — pursuing meals in an aquatic environment, sunning themselves on large rocks, stalking prey in a prehistoric jungle, sampling vegetation in a forest during the Early Permian period, and more. Fact-filled captions provide the names of the animals; their size, habitat, and diet; when they existed; and other fascinating information.An entertaining and educational book for coloring enthusiasts of all ages, this collection of detailed drawings will intrigue anyone interested in prehistoric life.